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Jobs Related

How do I apply for a job?

Once you have found a job vacancy of interest and have clicked on it via the Jobs Board, you can either apply by pressing the blue "Apply for this job" button, or if the option is available on the same page you can request further information by clicking the email button next to the name(s) of the Hiring Manager(s).

What information do you require from me when applying for a job?

Once you have found a job vacancy of interest and have clicked on it via the Jobs Board, you can either apply by pressing the blue "Apply for this job" button, or if the option is available on the same page you can request further information by clicking the email button next to the name(s) of the Hiring Manager(s).

How do I upload my CV to Regulatory Index?

If you are applying for a job you can upload your CV as part of the application process. This should be the CV you feel is appropriate for this particular job. We will provide this CV to the Hiring Manager(s) for them to review and if necessary submit to the recruiting company on your behalf. Alternatively you may wish to discuss with the Hiring Manager directly and provide a CV to them via email.

You can provide a different CV for each job you apply for, or alternatively you can inform the Hiring Manager that you wish to use your previously uploaded version.

To upload a CV you will be presented with the option to do so as part of the application process, and you will be able to search for the latest version on the computer or other device you are applying from. The acceptable file formats for CVs to be uploaded are .pdf, .doc, .docx, or .txt files, with a maximum file size of 8 MB.

Can I save a job for later?

Yes. When viewing a Job it can be saved to your profile by clicking "Save this Job". Your list of saved Jobs can then be viewed by clicking "Saved Jobs" within the Jobs navigation.

Membership Related

How do I become a member?

Regulatory Index is a website designed for professionals within regulatory affairs, therefore to become a member and have full access to all areas, including the Forum, you are required to be working within regulatory affairs.

To become a member you can click on one of the various buttons (green or orange) to join our community and you will be taken through the sign-up process. Here you will be asked a few questions regarding your employment status and experience. This information will help us to confirm your status and approve your membership.

Once you are approved you will be able to take part in all areas of the Regulatory Index website. However, for those who are not members, you are still able to view and apply for Training Events and Jobs, and access the many News items.

If you feel you have a justification to be a member of Regulatory Index but are not currently working within regulatory affairs, you can always contact us and we will consider your request.

How long will it take for my membership to be approved?

Assuming you meet the criteria for being a member of Regulatory Index, i.e. you currently work in regulatory affairs, we will attempt to approve your account within 24 hours of signing-up.

How much does it cost to be a member?

Being a member of Regulatory Index and using the services on the website is absolutely free.

We do offer a few additional 'paid-for' services for our members, including a Bespoke Regulatory Intelligence Service and a Specialist Recruitment Service, but these are entirely optional.

Can I change my profile details?

The profile information you provided at sign-up can be altered once you are logged-in by clicking on My Profile beneath the Members tab in the website navigation.

From here you can alter any of the information including your profile description and picture.

Forum Related

How do I get access to the forum?

Assuming you work within regulatory affairs and your sign-up request with Regulatory Index is approved you can start using the forum as soon as you are logged-in to our website.

Once logged-in you just need to click on Forum in the website navigation and you can search within existing topics, or create your own.

Can I start a new topic in the forum?

Our forums are designed for all of our members to use to assist them in their jobs and career, and to help evolve regulatory affairs. As such we encourage all of our members to contribute to existing topics or to start new topics in areas of interest.

Can I search the forum for topics of interest?

Yes. The Forum is fully searchable, and this can be done either using the simple Search or the Advanced Search options. If you do not find the topic or information you are looking you can always create your own topic!

Will non-members see what I post on the Regulatory Index forum?

No. The Forum is designed for regulatory affairs professionals who are members of Regulatory Index. The idea of this is to allow more open discussion by our peers that remains focussed to help us all within our jobs and careers.

General Questions

Who is behind Regulatory Index?

As explained in the About Us section of our website, Regulatory Index was set up to provide a service for regulatory affairs professionals, with the unique difference being that it is managed and run by very experienced regulatory affairs people.

The founder and Managing Director, Nicholas Wells has worked in regulatory affairs for all of his working life, almost 20 years, and is very familiar with what we seek both in our jobs and career development. His vision is to give something back to regulatory affairs by providing a FREE service to its users, where they can network, share, discuss and grow all in one place. We sincerely hope you gain something from our website.

Will Regulatory Index remain FREE?

We have every intention of keeping the Jobs, Training Events, Forum and News services of our website free to our members. And although there are a couple of paid-for services that Regulatory Index offers, these are entirely optional and there is no request or requirement for you to use them.

How can I become more involved with Regulatory Index?

We encourage all of our members to be as active as possible in the Forum section of the website, as this is where you can really add value to the regulatory affairs profession and help it evolve and grow. We also strongly encourage anyone with an interesting topic or article to get in touch with us to discuss publishing it on the News section of our website.

Can graduates and undergraduates who are interested in regulatory affairs be part of Regulatory Index?

Yes. Although Regulatory Index is designed for regulatory affairs professionals, we understand that those wishing to enter into regulatory affairs, or those who have taken part as Industrial Trainees/Interns may have a lot to offer. As such we encourage those people to contact us to discuss how they can be part of the Regulatory Index community.

Training Related

Can I save a Training Event for later?

Yes. When viewing a Training Event it can be saved to your profile by clicking "Save this Event". Your list of saved Events can then be viewed by clicking "Saved Events" within the Training navigation.

How do I apply for a Training Event?

The Training Events provided on Regulatory Index are taken from a number of reputable training providers, and all have been reviewed by us to ensure they are suitable for our members. If after reviewing the description of an event and after reading any comments/feedback in the dedicated Forum section you can request to apply for it on our site.

When applying for a Training Event you will be requested to provide certain information, including name, email address and telephone number. Once you press "Apply" you will be sent an email with instructions on how to sign-up and if necessary pay for the event. The event organiser will also be sent your details, and where required they can follow up with you in relation to the event(s) you have expressed an interest in.

Which countries are the Training Events held in?

Regulatory Index aims to be global in nature, therefore when choosing event providers to work with we look for those who cater for delegates from around the world. This often means that the events we advertise are held in locations across the globe.

What if I cannot find a Training Event suitable for my needs?

Although we try to cater for everyone with our choice of advertised Training Events, we are unable to cover all topics at all times. If there is a particular area that you feel we should seek to cover please contact us and we will endeavour to search for suitable events to meet your needs.

News Related

Can I contribute an article to Regulatory Index?

Yes. We are always looking for interesting articles relevant to the regulatory affairs profession, particularly those that will spark a lively discussion in an associated Forum topic. If you feel you have something to contribute then either create something within the Forum and/or contact us using the email address [email protected].

Can I receive the Regulatory Index News via email?

When you sign-up to Regulatory Index you can opt in or out of receiving news, job alerts or training events via email. You can change these preferences at any time by going to "My Profile" within the "Members" navigation section of the website once logged-in.

Do you provide Regulatory Intelligence as well as News?

Yes. Regulatory Index attempts to provide regulatory intelligence as part of our free News service, but we also offer a Bespoke Regulatory Intelligence Service, and if you follow the link you will find out more information about this great service.